“I LOVE JESUS, I LOVE JESUS…” she said at the top of her lungs as we stood by the Cross; her words slurring from the intoxicating effects of the nights consumption of alcohol and eyes wide and blood shot.

“Really, what exactly is it that you love about him,” I countered acting totally oblivious to her compromised condition. “Everything!” she exclaimed.

“Everything?”, I said with raised eyebrow, “Are you sure?”

Almost immediately her countenance changed and she said, “Please pray from me…” as she came near and dropped her now tear-stained face into my shoulder.

I prayed the Spirit of God would sober her up, convict her of sin, and give her an awareness and revelation of Jesus at that very moment! She trembled as I prayed and you could sense the dealing of the Lord Jesus in her heart.

The young lady ended up staying with our team and being ministered to by various ones all night. The guys that were trying to hit on her and here friend backed off and were also had the Gospel preached to them!

We ended up taking them back to their college dorm rooms and dropping them off so we would be sure they were safe. They had some very poignant questions to ask on the 15 minute drive concerning repentance and forgiveness of sin.

I gave them scriptures from the Word of God and encouraged them to stay in contact with us. (they exchanged contact info with several of the girls on the team)


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