ITS ALL JUST A BUNCH OF FAIRY TALES . . . this Bourbon Street musician said as he passed by the Cross and stopped in front of me. “The Bible is just full of a bunch of nonsense and hocus pocus mumbo jumbo” he would add.

“Really?” I asked, “Have you ever read the Bible or by what basis do you make these assertions? Have you gone to college? Study ancient histories or cultures? Perhaps a theology or biology degree? Anything but YouTube videos and the Discovery Channel?”

When I tried to pin him down on what HE believed – he was totally non-committal. He would simply attempted to demean and attack the credibility of the Word of God without any basis at all for his statements.

The Word says in Romans 1:22, “Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools.”

I finally asked him, “Are you interested in repenting and coming to Jesus?” “NO,” he quickly replied, “Absolutely Not!”

“Well, have a good night and be safe then – I am not out here for you. I am out here for those that desire to hear and not get caught up in pointless arguments with time wasters and hard hearted blasphemers” I told him cordially.

Many times when out witnessing you will have someone influenced by the Devil come in an attempts to distract you from the task at hand. While they “keep you busy” there are people walking by that have had their hearts pricked by the Holy Spirit and ready to come to Jesus.

Don’t get caught up in vain debates, or in casting your pearls before disinterested swine. You’ll never win the soul by winning the argument. Give them the Word as you can – and then “shake the dust off of your feet and move on” – someone is waiting for the appointment that God has made them with you!

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